Helen Nwaokorie is a British – born Nigerian with over 14 years of experience as an educator as well as a leader. Helen is a highly motivating personality, proactive in nature, a passionate educationist who is trained to work towards achieving targets. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics Education from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and well over 18 professional development courses to her credit, Helen has successfully trained many teachers to meet the requirements of the 21st century teaching and learning strategies. Helen has also worked as an educational consultant and has been involved in the restructuring and rebranding of elementary schools within the FCT, creating effective teaching and learning systems/structures as well as reviewing existing primary curriculum. Thus, Helen has successfully established ‘in – school learning support units’ in well over 8 schools within the FCT to cater for educational demands of scholars who are laid-back in their studies.
Helen Nwaokorie currently serves as the elementary coordinator of The Fariah Academy, leading a team of 12 well-experienced teachers in the elementary section.

The Elementary Of The Fariah

In the elementary section, we aim at providing our pupils with the essential foundation for academic pursuit. It is a world where passion for life – long learning experiences is built and every pupil is exposed to learning experiences geared towards developing such a pupil into a highflyers as well as empower them with essential life skills to enable them compete with their peers all over the world in academics a well as in morals. We offer learning sessions that nurture all our pupils to their full potentials as well as assist our pupils in the development of appropriate study skills such as to provide the required foundation at some point for their journey into the High School.

What We Offer

We currently provide learning session in the following subjects: Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Health, Home Economics, National Value, Chinese, Spanish and French Languages, Agricultural, Music, Cultural Arts, and Diction.

Emphasis is given to play as an essential part of every child life because through play children develop cognitive and social skills, mature emotionally and gain self-confidence. It develops a child’s learning capabilities and increases their ability to interact with other children. Thus, we have both indoor and outdoor play based activities, which include scrabble, chess, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, dramatic play (role-playing), and ballet e.t.c.

Included in our school program is the enhancement learning program where intensive tutoring services are provided for all scholars as well as pupils. This is geared towards encouraging and inculcating essential study habits, and ensures that all pupils are adequately prepared for high school.

Our Teaching Team

All learning sessions are delivered by a team of highly motivated teachers with a rich background in providing teaching and learning services to pupils and who believe in learning being solely about the pupils. Our team of teachers are also constantly exposed to professional development programs to maintain the quality of teaching and learning sessions being provided.
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